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Silencer Shop...Those Who Know, Know. I'll be honest, I didn't know. Well, not until my husband informed me... Silencer Shop is in Austin, Texas and I recently visited them (t-shirt fan!) with Chad. He's way more knowledgeable than me about this subject matter, but guess what, it's my right to learn and try it out. So here's my rudimentary understanding. Silencers are devices that you add to the barrel of a firearm that reduce the noise that they create when they are shot. The best analogy I have heard is that it works similar to mufflers on cars, which reduce the engine noise. Simply put silencers make guns safer for your hearing and more enjoyable to shoot.

Be aware that there are many laws that regulate these items but they are legal in most states.

Here is a short video that explains how to purchase a silencer:

Not to be confused with Silencer Shop, there is also a Silencer Co. They provide you with great information such as how to get a trust set-up, which is the easiest way to purchase a silencer. Now get on with yo' bad self and exercise your right.

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