Clean eating and water intake motivation...

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Gilded Glamour Clean eating and water intake motivation...

I had an absolute blast this Fourth of July weekend celebrating our God-given rights and liberties with family, friends, and of course my sweet little bulldog, Winston. You can read about our red, white and blue week here (fun dog park and restaurant outing), "red, white and Choo" here, party supplies here and more puppy fun here.  We might have gone a little too crazy with our eating, but now it's time to get back on the grind. As soon as I got to work (yes my real job outside of blogging), I immediately started back with drinking water. Water, water,'s something constantly on repeat in my head. I have to literally force myself to remember. IT IS A MUST.

Gilded Glamour Clean eating and water intake motivation...

My goal is 64 ounces a day, so roughly 4 water bottles, with hopes of eventually working up to a gallon of water a day. Achieving this depends on how early I start drinking water. Realistically, I probably don't start that until 10am. Mondays are always easy to exceed that, thanks to my soccer games. You can see my workout schedule here.Gilded Glamour Clean eating and water intake motivation...

I'm working on my grocery list now, which is full of colorful fruits and vegetables. We eat pretty clean at home. I love opening the fridge to many beautiful colors from all the produce. It's the eating out that gets us. We're trying to scale that back for the rest of the month of July. Eating out and diet tend to have a reciprocal relationship for us...As the dining out frequency goes up, so do the numbers on the scale and visa versa. Clean eating gives me a clearer, more focused mind and a more active and productive body. Now, if I can only get back on track of going to bed early and getting up super early. THOSE are the best days.

What are some of your favorite cleaning eating recipes? Comment below.


  • Mallory @ Bad Wolf Brunch: June 21, 2016

    Drinking my 33oz bottle of sparkling water right now!
    xx Mal

  • Emily Bruner: June 21, 2016

    i’ve been drinking a gallon of water a day for about a month now. i’ve found that it helps SO much with over-eating and snacking (one of my biggest problems!). you can do it whit!!

    xoxo, em

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