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YAY! I finally got a much needed new phone. My phone has literally become an extension of my hand, and I cannot operate in every day life without it (at least that's what it feels like). The iPhone is no longer a toy or neat tech accessory but a tool. For the miscellaneous organizations that I'm a part of, I use it to update website content, make blog posts, send emails, post on social media outlets among many other PR activities. You can read about those organizations here if you're interested. I also use it for about 90% of my work obligations like updating website content, posting on social media, emailing with clients, scheduling meetings with iCal (which now finds the address for the meeting location and gives you ETAs!), market research and studying, planning home and site location visits (I work in the family business of Newman Real Estate), negotiating and writing contracts, and of course checking out the competition...ha. Oh yeah, I'm totally a member of the Apple Cult...EVERYTHING APPLE!

MAC Lip Pencil (Color-Cherry); MAC Retro Matte Lipstick (Color-Ruby Woo)

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Love this Rebecca Minkoff Open Blade Hinge Cuff and Tory Burch Metallic Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet...they pretty much go with every outfit. Red Pants (4 of 11)

This Halston Heritage Large Satchel Bag is a great every day work bag. It's durable, chic and professional.

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What do you think of the blue almond nails? Comment below.

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My super sweet, patient and loving husband...he's also the awesome photographer :-)Red Pants (10 of 11)

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  • Emily Bruner: June 21, 2016

    i love blue nails! it’s seriously one of my go-to colors at the nail salon (besides black, deep red or french tips) all year around. i’ve never had the guts to do any other shape than square though, so i might just have to try it! :)

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